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  • All Natural Ingredients

    For the best possible milk and dairy products, choose us!

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  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Our milk products are made with your health in mind!

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  • Traditional Recipes

    We seamlessly combine proven recipes with the latest technology!

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  • Delicious Options

    From kefir to yogurt or sour cream, we offer a delicious variety!

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Exceptional Dairy Products

Our company prides itself on the time-tested and traditional European methods employed during in our dairy production. Our main priority is to provide our customers with the best possible taste experience! Whether kefir or soft cheeses, we use only the best sourced ingredients, a combination of historic recipes and modern technology to ensure that our products are 100% guaranteed delicious!

About Us

Our company began as a small-start up which expanded into a dedicated manufacturer of high quality, all-natural, tradition European milk products. We provide a different range of unique products that everyone will enjoy!

Our Products

Our product range includes traditional European milk drinks, country style soft cheeses and naturally-flavoured yogurts. We make Eastern-European kefir, Russian tvorog (country style soft-cheese) as well as sour cream. Come taste the deliciousness!

Our Mission

Our main priority is delivering not only just another milk product, but the best possible taste experience. Our milk products are all natural and are great for maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Latest Technology

We have come to understand that modern technology can help expand and improve the traditional approach to producing high quality dairy! Our products are a mix of traditional European recipes and the best possible technology available.